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What's your town ghost story?

This Edwardian West Palm Beach house built in 1905 was originally a funeral home until Karl Riddle bought it and made it a family home in the 1920s. The haunting allegedly started after one of Riddle’s employees hung himself in the attic room of the Riddle house because he saw no way out of his financial hardship.
According to Karl Riddle's diary, the energy in the house changed after the death. Employees had strange experiences and heard voices when no one was there. Many quit. Karl removed the beam that held the rope, but it did no good and the haunting continued, so Karl moved his family out of there.
The historic house was preserved and relocated to the Yesteryear Village at the South Florida Fairgrounds, and the ghost moved with it! During the reassembling of the house, the construction crew often found broken windows and tools that had been left in the attic out on the lawn outside. The ghost is known for attacking men who wander up into the attic. The Riddle house is one of the most active haunted houses in the U.S. and has been featured on the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures.