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A list of movies to watch that are playing for free right now on cable.
I do this thing when I want to watch a movie and I hit the MIC button on my remote and say into it, "free horror movies" and then I click on each movie one by one that looks like it could be interesting, read the description or watch the trailer. These are provided by my other channels like HBO, STARZ, ETC

There are a number of movies and some I may not get to or might even forget so in this I want to post all those that catch my eye so I can come back and see what I still haven't watched yet while at the same time, letting others in on free horrors playing at the time.
There's no guarantee the movies are good as they are movies I haven't watched yet or don't remember ever watching. Sort of a watch list.

Actually, let me get back to this. I was looking through movies but I am going to start this one right now.