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The world's 1st Fuckboy (ADAM)

Which do you agree with?

  • 1. Adam was wrong and is the 1st fuckboy

  • 2. Eve was wrong and the 1st temptress

  • 3. I don't know/other/comment

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This sounds like every story about men ever.

We all think we know the story of Adam and Eve. God made this couple and put them in paradise, then Eve let the devil talk her into eating the bad apple and God cast them into the hellhole we call human existence. It seems like every time we hear this story, we hear about how Eve committed the first sin.
Think about it: your granny or your church's gossiper definitely told you Eve disobeyed God like these disobedient feminists disobey the Patriarchy, and she made us all pay for it.

But like most things I was told by institutions as a child, this take is wrong.
Eve was fucking innocent.

And Adam was the fuckboy that let her (and humanity) take this fall.

Misconception is that Eve was the first to sin but that's not true.
When God created everything and then Adam. He told him about the tree and not to eat any of it.
God never told Eve.
When Eve was in the garden being tempted, Read that section and you'll find something interesting. Adam was right next to her and didn't say anything. He was using her as a Guinea pig.
Eve bit into the fruit and NOTHING HAPPENED, and then she handed it to Adam.
When he bit into it, their eyes were opened.

The part of the story everyone glazes over is Adam was the only one who knew the fruit was forbidden.
God made Adam and told him not to eat from the tree before he even created Eve.
Then, Adam let Eve eat the apple without telling her it was bad, making the first sin “man's passive nature."

Honestly, when you think about it, this sounds like something that would happen today.
A man not interfering when he knows something is wrong?
A man abusing his power to make a woman look bad?

The 1st official Fuckboy - ADAM.
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