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Tattoos Anonymous Crew tips


Ink Lover
There is now a Crews feature. If you were a member of the old sites you know what this is and how it works. You can create your own Crew or join someone else's, but you can only be in one. You can leave a Crew to then join another. You can also transfer ownership of your Crew to another Crew member or delete your Crew entirely.

Some features:
  1. Forums - you can have a forum and within that forum have sub forums. The forums are the exact same as the sites forums so it has all the same awesome features.
  2. Calendar - you can have an events calendar.
  3. Photos - you can upload photos to a shared crew album.
  4. Moderating - you can assign moderators.
  5. Inviting - you can invite members to join your crew.
  6. Privacy - crews can be open for non-crew members to view, closed to where members have to first join to view, and hidden which requires you to invite people to join.
Want to create and run your own Crew: create crew
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