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Tattoos Anonymous chat room tips


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Here are a few things about the chat room:
  1. You can be in more than one room at a time. Click/tap "Browse rooms" from the chat page to join rooms.
  2. You can private chat with one or more people. That can be initiated from within chat.
  3. You can make the chat pop out, which is helpful for phones. Above chat are a few icons at the top-right. Those are menus with options.
  4. You can have chat show on every page if you wish, this puts a chat bar at the bottom of every page so you can quickly chat. To enable this, on the chat page click/tap the cog icon, then the select "All pages" for "Display mode". If you use this mode, to open and close chat, tap the bar it puts at the bottom of every page. Closing works the same way (tap at the very bottom of the screen).
  5. You can invite members into chat by doing: /invite username (like: /invite inked)
There are more advanced things, like creating your own chat commands and rooms.

Chat isn't the friendliest on phones, which I'll look into improving soon. Feel free to leave feedback on it in this thread. And also if you'd like to be a chat moderator.
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