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Some differences between here and the other site...


Ink Lover
This post is just to point out some of the differences with this site and also point out some of the cool things about this site. I'll update this periodically.

All in no particular order.

Private Messages
Both sites have private messaging but it's better here. Private messages here can include multiple people and you can even edit your private messages after sending them.

Chat Rooms
There are chat rooms, although not as user friendly on phones.

Picture/Video Albums
That part is a bit different here. You can create albums with similar permissions to what you're used. Pictures and videos (and even audio) can be uploaded to a single album. You can also add videos from more sites than just YouTube. But, this is done by going to Pictures & Videos instead of your profile. There's also a shared album that anyone can upload to and it will confuse people. It seemed to be a requirement for uploading to work.

Poking, Giving Love
Neither of these are on here. I will be adding them though!

Picture Status Updates
Status updates here is called "Profile Post". I made it so you can embed pictures and videos, etc in them but you can't currently upload pictures to them -- it gives an error.

Owned, Slot Machine
Neither of those are on here :( I'm gonna have to make at least Owned. I'll probably also look for 3rd-party games to add on here.

Forums are significantly better here.

Members List
It's not as nice here so another thing I'll have to work on.

Live Feed
The feed isn't live but I'm expecting an add-on to provide that functionality. Same with notifications, it doesn't automatically update on its own -- have to refresh the page or hover over a link that does a call back to the server for it to show the updated count.

No blogs here currently. Once an add-on is available I'll add it here even though not many people use that feature (it used to be popular). Update: A blog add-on is coming soon, according to an add-on dev.

Bling Market
This can be done but I have to get a couple more add-ons first. One that lets you sell stuff for real money through PayPal and the other for a site currency.

No Blings yet. There is an add-on though that provides Bling-like features.

Text Color
I'm probably gonna have to create this myself. Currently, just myself (blue) and moderators (green) have a custom color.

Polls are on here but must be done through the forum. When posting a new thread you can create a poll.

Profile Viewers
There's an add-on I'll be getting that lets you see who's been viewing your profile!

Android App
There IS an Android app for Tattoos Anonymous in Google Play!

Profile Gifts
Another thing I'll probably add.
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