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Which version do you think is better?

  • The Original

  • The Remake

  • Other/comment

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Last House on the Left

If you've seen the movie, you probably saw both versions, the 1972 original as well as the 2000s remake.
This movie has always stuck in my head and after seeing the original and knowing a new one had been made I had to see that one as well.

This movie to me is fascinating.
It starts out slow. The crimes are nothing unique. Nothing extra glory.
I think it's the way everything gets handled that impresses me.
They don't become "victims", ...the planning. Reminds me of a saying from another movie, "Victory loves preparation".
I just really loved this.
And ANY parent can relate.

I want to know what people find better, the original or the remake.

I am going to post both FULL movies here for anyone that hasn't seen it that wants to or for those who have to glance over and refresh their memories because I really want a census on which people find better.
I will add a poll above.

The movies are below but I WARN YOU, if you are sensitive to rape and/or violence to just skip this and not watch.

Last House on the left (1972 original)

I REALLY ENJOY the 1 hour 12 minute mark to 1:14 in this original BUT u WON'T understand if you haven't seen this movie.

Last House on the left (remake)
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