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Online Dating


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I was dating a guy on kracksocial way back. Or, so I thought.

We had our activity on the site that was us all into each other. We took it to "kik" and then to texting and phone calls. He only lived a couple hours away and so we planned for him to come stay with me at my place during his upcoming work vacation. He came down. We spent a few days going out places, A LOT of time fucking. And then guess what? He wasn't really looking to be in a relationship. Surprise, Surprise. Fuckboy played me for some months to get laid. Pissed off, I had this resentment, went off on some of the wrong people, shut down any way for anyone to contact me (that I could shut down)
The worst part is that down the line, he did get in touch with me, he had another work vacation coming up and actually had the balls to want to come visit again. SERIOUSLY? Dude really thought I would fuck him again. Smh.​

And that's just the first online mistake I made.​

I was then catfished by a guy who was FAKE. FAKE PICS, FAKE AGE, FAKE WHERE HE WAS FROM. EVERY word out of his mouth was fucking lies. He is smart. He knows what to say to build that "connection"...all the while saying he's got no bad intentions and just wants this "friendship" to develop and this led into many years of a relationship on and off that really was just B.S..... beginning to end.​

He still makes the profiles to get close to women and I feel bad for any chic falling into a deep conversation, connecting with a guy they REALLY don't know who he REALLY is. I mean, I KNOW for a fact many profiles he's actively using in a number of places. He is a narcissist and not REALLY looking for anything other than to lead women on and mind fuck them and will say all the right things having them convinced they're building this "friendship" that could be more as he SAYS, "he rarely does" but is ALL he does.

But BETTER them than me. They'll find out the hard way as I did.

I honestly can say that I will not be doing the online thing again. It was never my intention in the 1st place and not what I was looking for. I didn't date or fuck in real life and that's not what I joined the site for. Or I'd have been on a dating site. I don't do those.​

I learned my lesson. The hard way.​
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