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Adult Games (naughty)

Adult games


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Making sex more playful, fun, intimate, creative, longer lasting is as easy as just adding a few games into the mix.

You don't even have to be a "couple" looking to spice things up.
You may just want to explore your playful naughtiness right from the start.
This is also a great way to get to know each other even better.

There are lots of games and equipment you can spend all kinds of money on but with that desire and creative spirit, you never have to spend anything.

I will post a few here. That means keep checking back because I had to edit to add another in.​



This can be a tickle war, a naked pillow fight, a wrestling session, a thumb war, whatever works.
The point is struggling against your partner, getting worked up, competing.
Whoever surrenders first has to perform an agreed upon sexual act for the other.


“X” marks the spot

Your body’s a wonderland, a treasure trove.​

Your partner's job as explorer is to kiss a different part of your body ‘till he/she guesses which spot you’re thinking about.
Give clues like “hot,” or “cold” as he/she gets closer or further away from your "spot".


Mirror, mirror

Sit down, facing each other. Begin to touch, kiss, lick, etc and then have him/her repeat it back on your body as closely as possible to the way you did it.
Very hot, and a great way to very descriptively communicate to your partner what you like without actually having to “tell” them.
And then you can switch roles.


Orgasm contest

I like this one.Masturbate next to each other.Whoever cums first (the “winner”) helps the other get to there and gets to special request a reward in round two.​


Not so fast

Lie naked on your bed (or wearing something sexy af)

Have him stand at your bedroom door.
Test how well he knows you by asking him questions about you.
They can range from sexy to personal to whatever.

When he answers right, he gets to take one step closer to you.

I have SO MUCH more but I need a break from this. Will finish later or tomorrow.
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