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I’m not necessarily new here, but I haven’t been here in ages. Some knew me as Green. Hopefully /green still works in chat lol
Things that have changed since the last time I was here:
1) I became a mom in 2013 to the most awesome and sassy little girl on the planet. She is my entire world. It definitely made me grow up a lot and I wouldn’t trade a single second of time I’ve had with her for the world.
2) I got married.
3) I got divorced lol
4) getting divorced gave me the kick start I needed to get back in school.
Yea I think that’s everything lol I’m not that interesting.
Aug 15, 1991 (Age: 27)
Auburn AL
About your tattoos
I have 8 with the plans for so many more :)
I’ve got a rose on my foot that I’ve thought about having colored in. Then there is my lower back piece that is a heart made from the bass and treble clef signs with what is supposed to be the opening music to Open Arms. (Gotta love homemade tattoos right?) then I have one on my shoulder that’s three flowers and a butterfly(another homemade mess) I have a cross and a semicolon behind my left ear and a butterfly behind my right ear. “Believe” on my left wrist and the l is a pink breast cancer ribbon. My very favorite is on my right forearm. It says “I’ll always be there for you” in Italian. My sister and I both have it, mine has an anchor and hers has birds at the end.